Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sale Sheep Photo Update

I took photos of all the sale sheep today, so I thought I'd do a sales list update with the new pictures. The photos are clickable for larger viewing. You can see more information on the earlier sale posting and of course I'd be happy to answer any questions by email:
I can provide more photos as well. Prices include registrations and transfers.

The ram above is Locksfield Marco- Moorit smirslet ram lamb with excellent conformation. $180

The three photos above are Locksfield Montague, a beautiful moorit smirlet sokket ram. $100

This is Fletcher Dante, emsket/shaela bleset. Awesome ram. N/A

This is Locksfield Joaquin, moorit smirslet sokket ram. Great conformation. He's the sire of this year's lambs. His price is $200.

The two photos above are Locksfield Mariposa.. She's quite spectacular and very friendly. SOLD

Above is Minwawe Hopper. She's a moorit smirset ewe with excellent conformation and is a great producer. $250

This is Locksfield Kaleigh. She's one year old and is a very nice looking ewe. $200

Llamas for sale

I haven't posted llamas on here for a long time, but we have come to the realization that to move some llamas to new homes, we need to reduce prices dramatically. We are primarily looking for good homes where they will have shelter, enough to eat (hay or grass seems to keep them in good condition, though they do enjoy llama pellets), will be shorn every spring, and be kept up to date on vaccinations.

We have a pair of males, pictured above, both intact and from excellent bloodlines. They come with ILR papers and can be stud males. Midknight, the black male, is a Silver Peru grandson as well as a LW Sante Fe grandson. Dakoda, is a grey, red and white male. His grandsire is Tocanoa's Tocaya, the 1999 National Champion.
Both males have had basic halter training. They are 5 years old. We would prefer to sell them as a pair and we only asking $475 for both.

We have another really excellent ILR registered male available. Angelino is a half Argentine male. He is proven. He has fantastic bloodlines and extremely heavy wool. We paid nearly $1000 for him, but since we have no plans to raise llamas in the near future, his price is now $600.

You can read more information on these guys and see what I previously had them priced at on the website at:

SALE! 20% off: Shetland Fleeces, Llama Raw Fiber, Llama Roving

Since I'm working on moving soon, I've decided to have a sale on all of my remaining wool. The 20% discount includes anything on the Roving and Fleece page of the Locksley Fields website:

Email me at if anything interests you.

This is Evangeline's fleece (currently available- $32 after discount).