Sunday, November 2, 2008

Available Rams- update

Two proven rams still available! I have decided to sell a couple of ewes and have posted them below this entry. Some of them could be purchased as a pair (or trio) with one of these rams!

Locksfield Joaquin 4/15/2007

NASSA registration # S27915

Sire: Sheltrg Pines Jerome

Dam: Minwawe Hopper

Handsome moorit yuglet sokket ram. Proven- has lambs on the ground. Has great conformation and more single coated fleece. $350

Fletcher Dante


NASSA registration # S18201

Sire: Fletcher Choctaw Dam: Fletcher Jazzy

Light Shaela (or emsket) blettet ram.. This guy is proven to throw modified colors and spots on his lambs. He is very double coated and has awesome horns. $350

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Special ewes available

At this point I am down to a total of 10 ewes and these are my absolute favorites.. Well, I have two reasons for seriously considering selling a couple more.. One, doing so would help pay my rent and keep me moderately sane while I finish my last two semesters of college! And two, if I do so it would create more space and more extra feed/hay, making it more possible that I *could* have a couple ewes lamb next summer!

So I have these three wonderful girls and some of them will make nice pairs or trios with the available rams:

Locksfield Amber Myst S16371
Moorit Krunet/Smirslet Twin Ewe
Born 4/14/2003
Myst has excellent conformation and has produced very flashy spotted (and actually body spotted) lambs with as wool and conformation as nice as her own. She is also a very sweet ewe whose daughters are the most loving girls in the flock.

$325 SOLD

(Myst is compatible with either Joaquin or Dante)

Minwawe Hopper S20441
Moorit Smirslet Tw Ewe
Born 3/25/2005
Hopper had a set of darling moorit and white boys in 2007... Since I didn't breed the sheep last fall, and then put a ram in with the ewes after shearing, there were a few girls that surprised me with fall lambs- and Hopper was one of them! She just weaned this moorit yuglet sokket ram lamb at her side. Hopper has good conformation and is a friendly ewe. She is $325.

(Hopper is compatible with Dante)

Locksfield Kaya Pepper S16367
Black Smirslet/Sponget Ewe
Born 4/5/2003

Kaya comes from a couple of older bloodlines and is very close to Dayspring and Dailley lines (her grandparents). She also has some of the most unique markings I have ever seen. She currently has a lamb at her side and will need to stay here until the lamb is weaned.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

When you least expect...

First, I should update everyone on what's been happening... This summer I decided that I would finish college and would need to move back to Missouri to do so... 650 miles and a new battery later, I'm back and moved in to an apartment close to campus. My parents still have a farm about 45 miles from campus and my remaining sheep live there... Well, I received a call on Friday from my mom and she announced that I had a new sheep.. a newborn lamb! Well this was a bit surprising, as I THOUGHT that Shetlands were seasonal breeders and rarely bred in the spring. I put a ram in with the ewes after shearing due to lack of ram pasture..

Well the surprises were only beginning.... I drove to the farm Friday afternoon and checked on the new baby and mom, Hopper, and found that Kaya was also pregnant.. I then emailed my ewe buyers from this summer to inform them that there could be a chance of lambs. This morning I went out to the barn to discover that Kaya had lambed! Then... I received an email from Mary that twin lambs were born that very morning... AND may have more on the way... I have also heard from Nichol, who has another pregnant ewe.

The first and second photos are Hopper's moorit smirslet boy.. with two socks- on the same side. His face markings look just like his sire Joaquin!

Here's Kaya's girl..

Kaya and her black smirslet ewe.
This was by far the quickest and most trouble free lambing season I've ever had.. as well as the most unusual!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rams for Sale: Revision

Revised June 1, 2008... I took photos of all of the boys after shearing, so all of these photos are recent. All registered stock or will be registered at time of sale. For more information email:

Locksfield Montague.. Minwawe Tornado x Locksfield Amber Myst. Heavy horns.. Quite a looker. I registered him as moorit, but he may be mioget. Out of only 10 ewes, I'm keeping his twin sister and two half sisters. I really like this bloodline! He is small sized and easy to get on a halter. RESERVED

Locksfield Hawthorne.. SheltrgPines Jerome x Minwawe Hopper Moorit smirslet sokket ram. Good conformation, nice disposition. My photos aren't very good... Photo on the right is of Hawthorne and his twin Joaquin as lambs. Hawthorne lost a horn as a lamb and I had been unsure that the other would clear, but decided to hold off on wethering. His horn has actually moved farther away and there is a good space between his horns and head that I feel confident that he could be a breeding ram. Horns are more of a "teacup" British type, in contrast with my more typical horns. Hawthorne's sire has quite a bit of British blood. $.

Minwawe Tornado

Great producer of spots. Nice small size. He has retained good color depth. I have a couple of his daughters, as well as a half sister in my keeper flock. I like this line due to the dark moorit color, small size and markings. SOLD

My Special "Reserve" List:

Locksfield Joaquin..
SheltrgPines Jerome x Minwawe Hopper
I just love this guy.. I had not seen him since December and I was very pleased with how he turned out when I saw him in April. He has nice straight legs and nice color depth as well as good horn width. $400

Fletcher Dante

This guy is so handsome.. Awesome color- not sure I've seen another quite his shade. Only offering for sale because I will retain a daughter and granddaughter.

Sales list update: RAMS

Click on names for pedigree links
See more recent post for prices on these guys:

Minwawe Tornado - Handsome moorit yuglet sokket ram. Small sized, finer boned. He has good horns and has produced rams with nice wide horns.. I used him 2 years and he has produced some beautiful spotted lambs for me! I really like him all around, but I do have offspring.

Locksfield Montague

- Moorit yuglet sokket and possibly bronget (white chest). I love this guy's head/horns and his compact size. Beautiful long wavy fiber. He's so handsome! May be modified. Needs an experienced shepherd.

Monty as a lamb (note curly chest!)-->

Locksfield Joaquin- Moorit smirselt sokket.. Sire: SheltrgPines Jerome, Dam: Minwawe Hopper
What a cute little ram.. Seems to be a UK type single coat fleece. I think he may end up smaller sized. Darker than his brother.

Fletcher Dante - Shaela blettet ram. Only listed here because I would consider selling him since it will be easier to move with as few rams as possible. I have a smirslet daughter of Dante's and acquired a yuglet sokket granddaughter of his recently, so I will be able to keep some of his line. He has the most incredible horns and I love his color -modified genetics. LONG fleece. Has a lightning bolt mark on forehead and has produced strong spot markings.

Dante's son Pierre

Update on Ewes for Sale

A number of ewes have sold or been reserved, and two are still available. They have both been reliable lambers with trouble-free births.. Both have sires with awesome, wide horns. Prices of these girls reflects my need to reduce the flock- not their quality! Braeton and Cachey are priced at $200 each. It is possible to pair them with almost any of the rams I have available, as they are unrelated and would compliment any of them. Email:

Locksfield Braeton ... 4 year old ewe.. One of the most correct lambs I've had.. She's the offspring of two of my favorite sheep. Brae has a little ideal shetland tail and straight legs.SOLD

Braeton as a lamb- what head markings!

Braeton, around 6 months old.. Take a look at that conformation.

Braeton with her 2007 lambs:

Braeton's parent's Locksfield Rosebriar and Locksfield Crimson Archer:


Locksfield Cachey .... Grey ewe.. 6 years old and plenty of years of lambing left. She comes from some older bloodlines that I'm very fond of. Her sire Stonewall had a set of the most massive horns, but he had quite a nice disposition. SOLD

Cachey was one of the most uniquely colored lambs I've had.. She had psuedo gulmoget markings in addition to some speckling on both shoulders. Here is a photo of her as a lamb -->

Here is Cachey at around 5 months old with friend, Alura.

Cachey's parents, Fletcher Cassidy and Fletcher Stonewall:

Shearing is finished!

On my April visit to Missouri, I was able to get shearing done, as well as vaccinations and worming.. Here are a few of the ewes after shearing, (left to right), Morgan, Genevieve and Salem:

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sales List update: EWES

click names for pedigree links

Locksfield Burgundy-
2007 Moorit Smirslet sokket ewe.
Sire: SheltgPines Jerome
Dam: LocksField Amber Myst
Very PRETTY ewe.. Keeping her twin. Burgundy is the darker of the two, so I wish I could keep her, but her sister is friendlier and flashier- so she wins out. Burgundy used to be the friendlier one. Fleece leans toward single coat. I have the prettiest moorit/white spotted lambs from this line. $325

Burgundy and her twin --->


Moorit krunet/blettet-
VERY pretty, great conformation. I wish I could keep her, but I do have her dam's twin (my favorite ram) and several of her sire's offspring. Sire is a smirslet- Avery should produce some gorgeous spotted lambs bred to a spotted ram! $300

Avery as a lamb --->


Locksfield Braeton -
Moorit blettet. Perfect conformation and a tiny ideal tail.. Has produced some facial and neck spotting/freckling. Excellent ewe- great buy! $200

Braeton's sire Archer --->


Locksfield Genevieve -
Black smirslet sokket..
It's hard to make a decision to sell when they are this sweet AND spotted. Friendly- very sweet. Carries moorit (Bb). $325


Locksfield Edelweiss -
Grey krunet- gorgeous long SILKY flowing wool that she also produces.. She was a spotty lamb. Has pretty spotted lambs and has produced several lambs with the same incredible wool as herself. Carries Bb gene (for brown) and Aa for solid (black/moorit). $300

Edelweiss' daughter Evangeline --->

Locksfield Liese -
Pretty grey ewe.. Short tail. Has small horn buds. Nice fleece- intermediate with some luster. Should carry and be capable of producing some bold spotting since her her sire was Lariat, a very flashy black flecket ram. $275

Liese's sire Minwawe Lariat ---->


Locksfield Cachey
I believe she is the shortest ewe in my flock. She was a very unique lamb- with psuedo gulmoget markings! She had the most amazing sire- fabulous horns. I now have her yuglet granddaughter. Carries Bb gene (for brown).

Cachey's sire Fletcher Stonewall --->