Friday, May 25, 2012

Ewe Lambs For Sale

It was a ewe year, so that means that there are many ewes for sale. I've also decided to cut back the size of my keeper flock.. I would like to have the pasture space to not feed hay in summer, so that means selling a few of my adult ewes too.

Instead of writing on each description, I'll just mention here: All of the lambs are friendly and like attention- they're perfect for the small flock. Most of them carry bold spots since their dams are spotted. The sire was not spotted, but did have the gulmoget and katmoget patterns I was looking to add. His lambs are lovely.

For links to pedigrees, click the name of the lamb's sire and dam.

If you have any questions, email me at

Mioget Gulmoget Ewe
Good conformation. Carries Spots. $275

Black Gulmoget Ewe
Good conformation. Carries spots.  SOLD

Moorit Gulmoget Ewe
 This is my buddy and she is prettier than this picture. Carries spots. SOLD

Black Gulmoget Ewe
Nice conformation- medium tail (good shape). Striking bold gul markings.

Black Gulmoget Ewe
CUTE.. Carries spots and moorit.  SOLD

Moorit Katmoget ewe
Love the coloring of her markings. Carries spots. SOLD

Adult Ewes for Sale

I've decided that I need to sell a few of my keeper ewes because of limited pasture.  If you have any questions, email me at

Moorit Flecket Yuglet
Sire: SheltrgPines Jerome
Dam: Locksfield Amber Myst
Boldly marked moorit/white ewe.. Great conformation. She is more crimpy and single coated than my other ewes- a trait that came from her sire Jerome. This girl is friendly and likes to cuddle :-)  SOLD

Above: Renaissance as a lamb with her twin sister.

<-- Renaissance's dam, Myst

 Renaissance's sire, Jerome--->

Musket Smirslet Sokket (HST)
I've been holding off on selling her because she has many of my original bloodlines.. Excellent conformation and tiny tail. Carries the solid gene (Aa for moorit/black). SOLD

Amanda with 2012 lamb. She twinned in 2011.

Emsket Yuglet Flecket
Ok, this one is really hard to sell and that is reflected in her price... Never thought I'd offer her, but since I'm keeping her katmoget daughter, I need to make space.This bloodline has gorgeous lustrous flowing fleeces. They also have the prettiest faces. She is emsket carring solid color- genetically AgAaBBBb. NFS
Above is Evangeline as a yearling

Left: Evangeline with her 2009 lamb. She twinned this year.

Above left: Evangeline's dam, Edelweiss. Above right: Evangeline's sire, Tornado.

Black smirslet ewe
Has become friendly. Good color. $200

<---Dawsen's sire, Dante

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The rest of the 2012 lambs

Well it got a little crazy and I didn't finish the lamb announcements. This year, all of the ewes lambed within one week- I wasn't prepared for that many at once!  Here is the other half of the arrivals:

Dawsen's Gulmoget Ram

Morgan's Moorit Katmoget Ram and Moorit Gulmoget Ewe

Renaissance's Katmoget Ewe (moorit) and Gulmoget Ewe