Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The rest of the 2012 lambs

Well it got a little crazy and I didn't finish the lamb announcements. This year, all of the ewes lambed within one week- I wasn't prepared for that many at once!  Here is the other half of the arrivals:

Dawsen's Gulmoget Ram

Morgan's Moorit Katmoget Ram and Moorit Gulmoget Ewe

Renaissance's Katmoget Ewe (moorit) and Gulmoget Ewe

1 comment:

Michelle said...

My lambs all arrived in three days - but I only had two bred ewes. ;-)

You sure got lots of flashy patterns! I have plenty of gulmogets, but my one kat ewe didn't settle last fall and I wouldn't mind more of THAT pattern (since the ewe is the very first and long awaited katmoget representative in my flock). Then again, the only solids I have are two ram lambs, but I guess they prove that I can get solids out of all my patterned animals.