Friday, June 29, 2007

UPDATE: SALE SHEEP: Locksfield Rosario

Locksfield Rosario. DOB: 4/16/06. NASSA #S24411.

Rosario is an outstanding ram with a great disposition. I really like him, but I only have space for about 5 rams, he is related to my original lines PLUS I have already used him last fall (he has beautiful lambs!). Rosario has excellent conformation. His rear legs are about as straight as they come and his tail is short and ideal shape for shetlands. His lamb picture, showing his markings, is on the right. He sired Lumina, one of my favorite lambs this year. She's a gorgeous speckled/spotted musket with the tiniest tail and perfect conformation! I don't always get markings from her dam, and I believe Lumina is the best conformationally she's ever produced, so I think that's Rosario's influence.. Lumina's photos are below:

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Update On Available Ewes

Deposits have been received and a few of the ewe lambs and a couple of yearling ewes are reserved.. There are many ewe lambs available, as well as a few adult ewes and one yearling ewe.

Adult Ewes (more photos/info in previous listing down the page):

LocksField Fable #S12567 Nice black iset ewe.. SOLD

LocksField Taryn #S12568 Pretty moorit ewe.. Sells alone for $225 or with her dark moorit daughter for $400

LocksField Braeton #S18260 Excellent moorit blettet ewe. Sells alone for $275 or with her twin moorit girls for $600.

Yearling ewe:

LocksField Claire #S22892 Everyone loves her face! She's a pretty grey ewe with great conformation and carrying spots. $250 SOLD

Ewe lambs ($200 each):

Moorit blettet ewe by LocksField RoseBriar.. Total sweetheart with the most precious face. Very short tail. Sire:Tornado
$200 - pending

Moorit blettet/krunet ewe by LocksField Kaya Pepper. Has very cool, distinctive markings. Friendly. Sire: Tornado
$200 - pending

Moorit ewe by LocksField Kaya Pepper.. Sweetie. Sire: Tornado

Above are the twin Moorit ewes by LocksField Braeton. Sire is SheltrgPines Jerome. The upper ewe looks a lot like sire. Likes attention. The lower ewe has some markings and finer bone. Both have short, even fleeces and are friendly. $200 each.

Moorit ewe by LocksField Taryn. Dark moorit. She's a sweetie. Sire: Jerome

Musket ewe by LocksField Edelweiss. Solidly built lamb. Probably intermediate fleece. Friendly. Sire: Jerome
$200 -pending

Black ewe by LocksField Salem. Has white patches on her ears. This is one of the most darling little things ever- I couldn't quite capture her expression in a photo! Sire: Rosario

Rams for Sale

LocksField Rosario.. Moorit blettet Yearling Ram. Great disposition, awesome conformation with a perfect set of rear legs and tail. Plus he carries spots! Sired 5 lambs this spring- all beautiful, with lovely fleeces. Rosario's price is $250.

LocksField Finnegan.. Black 2003 Ram. Visitors are often impressed with this guy because he has not only great presence, but excellent conformation and a beautiful hornset. He also has a good disposition and loves chin scratches. He practically gives himself his dose of ivomec drench at worming time (loves the stuff). Finn's price is $250.