Tuesday, September 24, 2013

End of an Era::::: Selling my 4 favorite "keeper" ewes

Seeking dedicated home for my best 4 Spotted Shetland Ewes.
They are my very favorite of my "keeper" ewes after raising Shetlands since 1999. Over the years I did a lot of research and I put together a flock of what I consider unique and beautiful bloodlines. My goal was to create a diverse spotted flock with a range of fleece length/type on animals with solid conformation, small size and horned rams. These 4 ewes tend to have medium to longer fleeces, with a nice handle. They tend to have large fleeces in relation to their smaller body size.
I am seeking a home for them with someone who is dedicated to preserving these bloodlines and intends to raise Shetlands long term. I believe that there are those who would like to see this type of Shetland disappear and I'm hopeful that there are those who will keep these bloodlines going.
I had hoped to do that myself, but I feel that at this time it may be best for the sheep and myself to find them a new home. I've been trying to make it work with limited space and no ram on the farm, but I have reached a point where I'm willing to admit I need to make a new plan.
Evangeline, Pandora, Morgan and Lumina are all quality ewes with great dispositions, in fact I would consider them to be great pets in addition to breeding stock. All four ewes have proven true to the breed in hardiness and great mothering ability.
See the 4 posts below for info and photos of the 4 ewes and some of their past lambs.
I have not posted a price.. I will let them go cheaper than I would sell these lines in the past for, but I'm not looking for a deal-seeker.. I'm looking for someone whose heart is in this. I would really prefer to not split up the group. If you are interested, email me and tell me about your flock and future plans!
Located in southern Michigan near the town of Union.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Locksfield Evangeline (of my 4 "keeper" ewes)

Evangeline has been my logo sheep for several years because she is my favorite combination of spots and fleece type, as well is attractive face.. She is one of the prettiest lambs I've raised. That long "silky" fleece blowing in the wind was stunning in this photo of her as not quite a yearling.. This is a long coat- but still fine. Evangeline has also produced some of the prettiest lambs, as can be seen below. She has lambed unassisted.. Sometimes twins, some singles.

Evangeline's Pedigree:


Evangeline winter 2013

Evangeline as a lamb

Evangeline as a lamb

Evangeline as a lamb

Evangeline as a lamb

Evangeline as a lamb

Evangeline's dam Edelweiss

Evangeline's first lamb Eloise


Evangeline's 2nd lamb, Emma

Evangeline and Emma

One of Evangeline's 2012 twins

Locksfield Pandora (of my 4 keeper ewes)

Pandora is my personal favorite due to personality and looks.. They're all friendly, but she's my buddy. Picture on the left is from this spring after shearing.. Still good color! Good mom.. Ever since her first year lambing she has twinned.  I'll be sad to part with her!!


Pandora winter 2012

Pandora after her first shearing

Pandora as a lamb

Pandora's first lamb.. Nice ram.

Pandora's 2011 twins

One of Pandora's 2011 ewes.

Locksfield Morgance (of my 4 keeper ewes)

Morgan is a favorite ewe with a great personality.. Great pet ewe. She's also a great producer and has always twinned for me without any help. She produces spots like herself or stronger with a spotted ram.. Her lambs also have an added "cute" factor I can't quite explain! See a few of them below.

Morgan's pedigree:

Morgan as a young lamb.. Adorable!

Morgan as a lamb.

Morgan's first lambs.. Beautiful twins!

Morgan's lamb Mariposa

Morgan's 2013 lambs.

Locksfield Lumina (of my group of 4 "keeper" ewes)

Lumina is a musket ewe with awesome conformation and tail. She has a great disposition as well. She was an interesting spotted lamb. She now appears to be a plain musket, but has proven to throw spots when bred to a spotted ram. Her dam was my very first ewe, Fletcher Limmerick. Lumina once adopted a lamb that another ewe rejected. She raised the lamb as her own. I've been very impressed with this girl!

 See her pedigree here:

Lumina as a lamb

Lumina as a lamb

 Still a lamb here

Lumina had great rear leg set and tail early on.

Locksfield Cyrano, Lumina's first ram turned out to be a gorgeous ram with great conformation, and nice horns.

Lumina's second lamb, also great conformation on this ewe. The sire was not a spot carrier, so she is plain.

Lumina's 2012 lamb.. Great conformation on this girl too.

This year's lamb follows suit with having the best conformation of the year.. Very solid good looking ram all around.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Morgance's Lambs- 6/19

Locksfield Morgance had twins 6/19.. Both spotted black Katmogets.. The ewe is all white with eye patches.. Really cute little things.. I have more photos, but can't get them to upload...