Monday, September 23, 2013

Locksfield Lumina (of my group of 4 "keeper" ewes)

Lumina is a musket ewe with awesome conformation and tail. She has a great disposition as well. She was an interesting spotted lamb. She now appears to be a plain musket, but has proven to throw spots when bred to a spotted ram. Her dam was my very first ewe, Fletcher Limmerick. Lumina once adopted a lamb that another ewe rejected. She raised the lamb as her own. I've been very impressed with this girl!

 See her pedigree here:

Lumina as a lamb

Lumina as a lamb

 Still a lamb here

Lumina had great rear leg set and tail early on.

Locksfield Cyrano, Lumina's first ram turned out to be a gorgeous ram with great conformation, and nice horns.

Lumina's second lamb, also great conformation on this ewe. The sire was not a spot carrier, so she is plain.

Lumina's 2012 lamb.. Great conformation on this girl too.

This year's lamb follows suit with having the best conformation of the year.. Very solid good looking ram all around.

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