Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Photo update of sale ewes (& one nice ram!)

(Sire: Underhill Ashram , Dam: Locksfield Pandora)
Black Katmoget Ram- carrying spots!
Fantastic horns on this guy!
Priced to sell- I would like to use him for breeding this fall- ready to go in December. 

(Sire: Underhill Ashram, Dam: Locksfield Evangeline) 
Evangeline's Musket Gulmoget ewe- very unique markings- the eye flashes go down her face- reminds me of a Toggenburg goat. SOLD!

Morgan's moorit gulmoget ewe (Underhill Ashram x Locksfield Morgance)- SOLD

(Sire: Underhill Ashram, Locksfield Lumina)
 Black gulmoget ewe (with Lumina in background).. Pretty ewe- has especially intense markings. Wish had more pasture space- but she's available-

Amanda's Musket Gulmoget ewe. Good conformation/tail.  Carries spots. May be willing to sell this girl instead of her mom Amanda (below)-

Y's Acres Amanda. Musket yuglet.smirslet. Great Conformation. SOLD

Pandora's black gulmoget ewe (Underhill Ashram x Locksfield Pandora). Has little horns-. Her twin brother is a gorgeous katmoget and will be staying here this fall as a flock sire. Their dam Pandora is a black/white flecket- this girl definitely carries spots!  SOLD

Locksfield Renaissance
 (ShetlrngPines Jerome x Locksfield Amber Myst)
Moorit flecket.. excellent conformation.. Check out her lamb photos- awesome markings! SOLD

Locksfield Evangeline on the right and her Black katmoget daughter on left. Photo doesn't do them justice- but I like the picture since Evangeline was "talking" to me :-) Lamb has great conformation, beautiful fleece and is my favorite this year. One or the other is for sale- contact me for details.. Locksleyfields@gmail.com