Saturday, October 30, 2010

One more ram for sale

Locksfield Cyrano
Yuglet Flecket Musket Ram
Born: 6/17/2009
Sire: Locksfield Montague
Dam: Locksfield Lumina

Outstanding spotted ram. Excellent conformation, great rear leg set and short Shetland tail. He has traditional style horns, with enough space between the horns and face.. Wavy coat tending toward double, with some luster. This beautiful ram is very much the "ideal" Shetland in my opinion. $200

Click on photos to the left for larger image. These were just taken this fall. Photos below are from last year.

His buddy, Locksfield Crimson Archer.. Available FREE to a good home.. Excellent moorit ram.. He is 8 years old and I'm basically looking for a good home for him. He probably has a couple years at least that he could be used for breeding... Had gorgeous lambs and comes from fantastic bloodlines: