Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Update On Available Ewes

Deposits have been received and a few of the ewe lambs and a couple of yearling ewes are reserved.. There are many ewe lambs available, as well as a few adult ewes and one yearling ewe.

Adult Ewes (more photos/info in previous listing down the page):

LocksField Fable #S12567 Nice black iset ewe.. SOLD

LocksField Taryn #S12568 Pretty moorit ewe.. Sells alone for $225 or with her dark moorit daughter for $400

LocksField Braeton #S18260 Excellent moorit blettet ewe. Sells alone for $275 or with her twin moorit girls for $600.

Yearling ewe:

LocksField Claire #S22892 Everyone loves her face! She's a pretty grey ewe with great conformation and carrying spots. $250 SOLD

Ewe lambs ($200 each):

Moorit blettet ewe by LocksField RoseBriar.. Total sweetheart with the most precious face. Very short tail. Sire:Tornado
$200 - pending

Moorit blettet/krunet ewe by LocksField Kaya Pepper. Has very cool, distinctive markings. Friendly. Sire: Tornado
$200 - pending

Moorit ewe by LocksField Kaya Pepper.. Sweetie. Sire: Tornado

Above are the twin Moorit ewes by LocksField Braeton. Sire is SheltrgPines Jerome. The upper ewe looks a lot like sire. Likes attention. The lower ewe has some markings and finer bone. Both have short, even fleeces and are friendly. $200 each.

Moorit ewe by LocksField Taryn. Dark moorit. She's a sweetie. Sire: Jerome

Musket ewe by LocksField Edelweiss. Solidly built lamb. Probably intermediate fleece. Friendly. Sire: Jerome
$200 -pending

Black ewe by LocksField Salem. Has white patches on her ears. This is one of the most darling little things ever- I couldn't quite capture her expression in a photo! Sire: Rosario

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