Friday, May 25, 2012

Ewe Lambs For Sale

It was a ewe year, so that means that there are many ewes for sale. I've also decided to cut back the size of my keeper flock.. I would like to have the pasture space to not feed hay in summer, so that means selling a few of my adult ewes too.

Instead of writing on each description, I'll just mention here: All of the lambs are friendly and like attention- they're perfect for the small flock. Most of them carry bold spots since their dams are spotted. The sire was not spotted, but did have the gulmoget and katmoget patterns I was looking to add. His lambs are lovely.

For links to pedigrees, click the name of the lamb's sire and dam.

If you have any questions, email me at

Mioget Gulmoget Ewe
Good conformation. Carries Spots. $275

Black Gulmoget Ewe
Good conformation. Carries spots.  SOLD

Moorit Gulmoget Ewe
 This is my buddy and she is prettier than this picture. Carries spots. SOLD

Black Gulmoget Ewe
Nice conformation- medium tail (good shape). Striking bold gul markings.

Black Gulmoget Ewe
CUTE.. Carries spots and moorit.  SOLD

Moorit Katmoget ewe
Love the coloring of her markings. Carries spots. SOLD

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