Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rams for Sale: Revision

Revised June 1, 2008... I took photos of all of the boys after shearing, so all of these photos are recent. All registered stock or will be registered at time of sale. For more information email:

Locksfield Montague.. Minwawe Tornado x Locksfield Amber Myst. Heavy horns.. Quite a looker. I registered him as moorit, but he may be mioget. Out of only 10 ewes, I'm keeping his twin sister and two half sisters. I really like this bloodline! He is small sized and easy to get on a halter. RESERVED

Locksfield Hawthorne.. SheltrgPines Jerome x Minwawe Hopper Moorit smirslet sokket ram. Good conformation, nice disposition. My photos aren't very good... Photo on the right is of Hawthorne and his twin Joaquin as lambs. Hawthorne lost a horn as a lamb and I had been unsure that the other would clear, but decided to hold off on wethering. His horn has actually moved farther away and there is a good space between his horns and head that I feel confident that he could be a breeding ram. Horns are more of a "teacup" British type, in contrast with my more typical horns. Hawthorne's sire has quite a bit of British blood. $.

Minwawe Tornado

Great producer of spots. Nice small size. He has retained good color depth. I have a couple of his daughters, as well as a half sister in my keeper flock. I like this line due to the dark moorit color, small size and markings. SOLD

My Special "Reserve" List:

Locksfield Joaquin..
SheltrgPines Jerome x Minwawe Hopper
I just love this guy.. I had not seen him since December and I was very pleased with how he turned out when I saw him in April. He has nice straight legs and nice color depth as well as good horn width. $400

Fletcher Dante

This guy is so handsome.. Awesome color- not sure I've seen another quite his shade. Only offering for sale because I will retain a daughter and granddaughter.

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