Thursday, May 1, 2008

Update on Ewes for Sale

A number of ewes have sold or been reserved, and two are still available. They have both been reliable lambers with trouble-free births.. Both have sires with awesome, wide horns. Prices of these girls reflects my need to reduce the flock- not their quality! Braeton and Cachey are priced at $200 each. It is possible to pair them with almost any of the rams I have available, as they are unrelated and would compliment any of them. Email:

Locksfield Braeton ... 4 year old ewe.. One of the most correct lambs I've had.. She's the offspring of two of my favorite sheep. Brae has a little ideal shetland tail and straight legs.SOLD

Braeton as a lamb- what head markings!

Braeton, around 6 months old.. Take a look at that conformation.

Braeton with her 2007 lambs:

Braeton's parent's Locksfield Rosebriar and Locksfield Crimson Archer:


Locksfield Cachey .... Grey ewe.. 6 years old and plenty of years of lambing left. She comes from some older bloodlines that I'm very fond of. Her sire Stonewall had a set of the most massive horns, but he had quite a nice disposition. SOLD

Cachey was one of the most uniquely colored lambs I've had.. She had psuedo gulmoget markings in addition to some speckling on both shoulders. Here is a photo of her as a lamb -->

Here is Cachey at around 5 months old with friend, Alura.

Cachey's parents, Fletcher Cassidy and Fletcher Stonewall:

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