Thursday, October 2, 2008

Special ewes available

At this point I am down to a total of 10 ewes and these are my absolute favorites.. Well, I have two reasons for seriously considering selling a couple more.. One, doing so would help pay my rent and keep me moderately sane while I finish my last two semesters of college! And two, if I do so it would create more space and more extra feed/hay, making it more possible that I *could* have a couple ewes lamb next summer!

So I have these three wonderful girls and some of them will make nice pairs or trios with the available rams:

Locksfield Amber Myst S16371
Moorit Krunet/Smirslet Twin Ewe
Born 4/14/2003
Myst has excellent conformation and has produced very flashy spotted (and actually body spotted) lambs with as wool and conformation as nice as her own. She is also a very sweet ewe whose daughters are the most loving girls in the flock.

$325 SOLD

(Myst is compatible with either Joaquin or Dante)

Minwawe Hopper S20441
Moorit Smirslet Tw Ewe
Born 3/25/2005
Hopper had a set of darling moorit and white boys in 2007... Since I didn't breed the sheep last fall, and then put a ram in with the ewes after shearing, there were a few girls that surprised me with fall lambs- and Hopper was one of them! She just weaned this moorit yuglet sokket ram lamb at her side. Hopper has good conformation and is a friendly ewe. She is $325.

(Hopper is compatible with Dante)

Locksfield Kaya Pepper S16367
Black Smirslet/Sponget Ewe
Born 4/5/2003

Kaya comes from a couple of older bloodlines and is very close to Dayspring and Dailley lines (her grandparents). She also has some of the most unique markings I have ever seen. She currently has a lamb at her side and will need to stay here until the lamb is weaned.

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