Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First lambs of 2009

Friday was an eventful day at Locksley Fields. Lambing for the year was halfway over within a matter of hours and at the end of the day, I, despite being covered in lambing goo, was not the least bit displeased with the results :-)

Pandora was the first show signs of impending labor. That morning she wouldn't come to the feeder for grain. I had resigned myself to the likelyhood that I would need to assist in most of the births this year. The ewes are all 3 year olds lambing for the first time.. plus they went into winter looking very well fed and came out of it looking equally so.. I decided to help when I saw that the lamb's little white feet and nose were sticking out, but so was his tongue. It's a good thing that Pandora and most of the others are friendly and more willing to allow me to get up close, because the last thing I want to do when I'm assisting a birth is to try to first catch a skittish laboring ewe.
I straightened the lamb's legs out, one at a time, so that the “elbows” weren't back with the shoulders.. This makes more space for a stuck lamb. He was a big guy, but eventually he made it out.

This is the most heavily spotted (most white) lamb I've had so far.. It's a moorit yuglet flecket ram. Sire: Locksfield Joaquin Dam: Locksfield Pandora

Within 2 hours of Pandora lambing, Morgance (aka Morgan), was in labor.. This lamb was exactly in exactly the same situation as Pandora's, and so I helped again. The result was a moorit yuglet flecket ewe! Morgan soon had two waterbags, which meant that another lamb was coming. When she started pushing, I discovered that the lamb's entire head was inside of the fluid-filled water bag.. I don't think I've ever had this before... I tore the bag open to free his head so that he wouldn't aspirate fluid and tried to wipe off his nose, all while just his head and feet were out. He was smaller than the other two and Morgan did fine the rest of the way. This lamb is a moorit smirslet ram. These lambs are from Locksfield Joaquin and Locksfield Morgance. They are friendly, especially the ewe.. She has a white side and a flashy side and looks just like Pandora's ram from the white side.

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