Saturday, September 11, 2010

Locksley Fields update

Well it's September already and about time for an update! The flock is still in Missouri. There are now just 10 Shetlands, most of which are my keeper flock.. I have one sheep still for sale- details below. The keepers include seven ewes, which I've dubbed the magnificent seven, because they are my favorites after 10 years of working on spotted Shetlands... I really tried to reduce the flock as much as I could, and that seemed to be the minimum number I could come up with.. I hope to figure out a way to start the flock up again and have some lambs next spring after going "dormant" for awhile. I'm currently in town without space for sheep, but I'm working on some ideas- either a small place on land or finding a place to keep them nearby.

Well, that's about it for farm-related news.. There are still shetland fleeces available from shearing this spring, when I made a trip down to get vaccinations, etc. done. Sold wool has been updated and listings are current.
Pictured above is my original ram, Fletcher Sundance. I was very lucky to have had the chance to start my flock with this incredible little ram.. He was all of the things the I think a Shetland should be: compact size, great conformation, including a naturally short little v-shaped shetland tail, nice face and horn set, in addition to a fantastic calm disposition. I guess you could say my goal has always been to create spotted Sundances.

Here's the last ewe available:

Locksfield Kaleigh
S30184 (Click for pedigree)
Black Bleset Ewe- Born 9/13/2008
Sire: Locksfield Joaquin
Dam: Locksfield Kaya Pepper
Young ewe with great conformation. Her bloodlines are excellent and I'd expect her to throw some flashy spotted lambs. This is a shy girl with a very black fleece. Pretty ewe. She is a Sundance granddaughter! Price reduced: $195.

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