Thursday, July 28, 2011

2011 Lambs & Sales List

Now relocated near Union, Michigan... The first Michigan Locksley lambs have arrived! Since I have my hands full with major renovation to my new home, all of this year's lambs are for sale. $50 non-refundable deposit will reserve a lamb- to be picked up at the time of weaning.. The parents of these lambs are my best/favorites out of raising Shetlands for 12 years (taking a couple yrs off to get re-established). I started out with a solid foundation in conformation, fiber and horns and added spotted genetics. All of these lambs carry spots if not spotted themselves. I raise smaller sized Shetlands with horned ram genetics- primarily from US (1980's Dailley import) bloodlines.. I do have a little UK bloodlines but I tend not to like the larger build and smaller horns, so all of my sheep are "domestic" US in looks. They are healthy, hardy, and great moms. My flock has been closed for at least three years now since I've been between places and finally got the sheep settled on my place this year. I didn't go into alot of detail with the list below- email me at for more information or photos. More photos also on the post below.
Prices include registrations transfered to buyer.


Locksfield Rumer
Moorit Yuglet Sokket ewe.. Born 6/20/11
(Locksfield Renaissance x Locksfield Cyrano)
Very friendly girl (getting a photo was a challenge!). Nice conformation. $300

Locksfield Luciana

Moorit ewe. Born 6/22/11
(Locksfield Lumina x Locksfield Crimson Archer)

Sweetheart- she reminds me of a little deer. Great conformation. Friendly. $225

Locksfield Daphne

Black smirslet sokket ewe. Born 6/26/11
(Locksfield Dawsen x Locksfield Cyrano)

Pretty, nice conformation. $225

Locksfield Emma

Grey Yuglet Flecket ewe. Born 7/3/11
(Locksfield Evangeline x Locksfield Cyrano)

Adorable girl.. She has gorgeous curly lustrous wool. Shy. $250

Locksfield Abeline

Musket Yuglet Flecket ewe. Born 7/3/11

(Amanda x Locksfield Cyrano)

Excellent conformation, tiny tail. Solid square build. Probably homozygous grey (AgAg) $200

Locksfield Isis

Musket Yuglet Flecket ewe. Born 7/4/11
(Locksfield Pandora x Locksfield Cyrano)

Her dam is black (flecket) so she carries moorit (she's AgAa). Nice conformation. Friendly. $275

Locksfield Rhiannon

Moorit Yuglet Flecket ewe. Born 7/4/11
(Locksfield Pandora x Locksfield Cyrano)

Friendly, adorable. Good conformation. My favorite- she's like a copy of Pandora in moorit! Well she's not realy priced to sell- but if someone should fall in love with her :-).... $425 SOLD

Locksfield Marietta

Moorit ewe. Born 7/20/11

(Locksfield Morgance x Locksfield Crimson Archer)

Dark.. She's just over a week old now, but should turn out to be a pretty ewe with nice conformation. $225

Rams.. Anyone need a pet/fiber producer? I would be willing to wether any except the first one- prices low.. I can't keep boys on the farm because I don't have the space.

Locksfield Rockwell

Moorit yuglet/flecket ram. Born 6/20/11
(Locksfield Renaissance x Locksfield Cyrano)

Great conformation. This guy looks like he will turn into an excellent spotted herdsire. Fine fiber. Low price doesn't reflect quality- just my lack of space for boys... $200 RESERVED

Locksfield Diego

Black smirslet ram. Born 6/26/11
(Locksfield Dawsen x Locksfield Cyrano)

Great genetics.. $125

Moorit krunet ram. Born 7/3/11

(Amanda x Locksfield Cyrano)

Moorit ram. Born 7/20/11

(Locksfield Morgance x Locksfield Crimson Archer)


Tammy said...

Good to see you 'back in the running' again. Lovely lambs, (as usual). The Dawson/Cyrano ram looks like another little Griffen and his son Omen. That marking pattern sure is strong. Just to let you know, Rouen is still clicking along. She is 11 this year and gets her special eats in them morning. A little slower, and older looking, but she sure is something. (Willow at ten looks great)

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