Saturday, May 5, 2007

Ewes with lambs available

Updated 5/14. Braeton and Fable can go to new homes with their lambs at any time. Taryn must stay here until weaning one of her lambs.

LocksField Braeton #S18264
Braeton is a 3 year old moorit blettet with outstanding conformation. Her rear legs are wide and straight, and her tail is a small perfect shetland type. Her parents are a couple favorites here; her sire is LocksField Crimson Archer, my favorite ram due to his calm disposition and her dam is LocksField RoseBriar, who is not only one of my best conformed ewes, she's also a sweetheart. Braeton has twin moorit ewes by SheltrgPines Jerome. They appear to have shorter fleeces like their sire and should carry his very flashy spotted markings. One has white markings around her neck and head and the other has a lightly speckled face. They are friendly. See photos below. Price for Braeton and her twin ewes is $600.

LocksField Taryn #S12568
Taryn was one of the ewes I thought I would not sell, but as the flock grows, I have to part with some that I don't want to. Her sire was the wonderful Fletcher Sundance and her dam was Fletcher Bethany. Taryn has twinned every year for me and throws some of the most darling faces. This year she has twin moorit ewes by SheltrgPines Jerome. The one pictured below on the left looks just like her mom and is a lighter color. The other, pictured on the right, is darker and looks a little more like their sire. They are very friendly, especially the lighter ewe- she tries climbing all over me and loves to be held! She's now reserved, but her twin is also very sweet. The price for Taryn and her darker ewe is $400.

LocksField Fable #S12567
Fable was one on the first ewes born here in 2001 and she has consistently lambed twins every year.. One of her adult sons is one of the best rams for all around conformation I've had. Fable is a daughter of my original ram Fletcher Sundance and first ewe Fletcher Limmerick. I have at least two other offspring of both parents, so Fable is available. She has nice conformation with straight rear legs and a tail of good shape, though medium length. She has twin boys this year by Minwawe Tornado: one black, one moorit. They are very friendly and are now wethered. The price for Fable and her twin wethers is $300.

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