Monday, May 7, 2007

Ewe Lambs for Sale

Update 5/14/07: A few of the lambs are reserved, so I've noted that in their listing.

Since I plan to move later this summer, most of this year's ewe lambs are for sale. Prices are lower than usuall and to make things simple, I'm just going to go with the same price for each one.. I'm going to list them here and add more photos as I get them. Ewe lambs are $200 each, including NASSA registration. A $50 deposit is required to reserve a lamb.

I'm listing them under the heading of the ram they were sired by.. I thought it might help organize the list a little and give some information on the sires.

____ The first three are sired by Minwawe Tornado, moorit smirslet ram with double coated fleece and from dark moorit genetics. He is one of my smallest rams and threw bold spotting last year :

  • Moorit blettet ewe.. Total sweetheart with the most precious face. Very short tail. Dam: LocksField RoseBriar
  • Moorit blettet/krunet ewe by LocksField Kaya Pepper. Has very cool, distinctive markings. Very friendly.
  • Moorit ewe by LocksField Kaya Pepper..At least as friendly as her sister above. They run over to see me together.

Rosebriar's ewe (left)...........................Kaya's girls (right)

_____ Next are 6 ewe lambs sired by SheltrgPines Jerome, moorit yuglet flecket ram with a very tight, crimpy fleece. He is a dark moorit without fading at 2 years old. His bloodlines are almost 40% UK. These lambs have not only his heavy spotting genetics and UK, but my favorite domestic lines too. Most of them have tighter, crimpy fleeces.

  • Moorit ewe by LocksField Braeton. Looks a lot like sire. Likes attention. Dam is also available.
  • Moorit bielset? ewe by LocksField Braeton. She’s like a little sprite with a halo around her head. A little shy, but likes attention. Dam is also available.
  • Moorit ewe by LocksField Taryn. Dark moorit. Petite little sweetie. Dam is also available.
  • Moorit ewe by LocksField Taryn. Lighter shade than sister. Friendly. Dam available. RESERVED (nw)
  • Musket ewe by LocksField Edelweiss. Solidly built lamb. Probably intermediate fleece. Friendly.
  • Musket ewe by LocksField Cachey. Still a little shy, even though brother is friendly. RESERVED (nw)

Edelweiss' ewe (left photo)................. Cachey's ewe (right photo).

____ Lastly, the two girls below are sired by LocksField Rosario, a moorit blettet ram with a fine intermediate fleece. He is a spot carrier with fantastic conformation and a tiny tail.

  • Black ewe by LocksField Dawsen. Friendly. Likes to play with Salem's girl- they pretend to be twins :-) RESERVED (nw)
  • Black ewe by LocksField Salem. Has white patches on her ears.
    Friendly from the start- rests her head on my arm. She’s got personality!

Salem's ewe is in the left................. Right photo is Dawsen's girl.


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