Monday, July 13, 2009

Shetland Ewe Lambs for sale- photos updated 7/31

I've decided that in order to pay my college loans, I should sell this year's ewe lambs as well... So here are my two spoiled little ewes:
These lambs are the result of many years of my own breeding for good conformation, fleeces and spots. I'm very pleased with the results! Normally these lambs would not be for sale. BOTH girls come running to greet us and are used to being handled and picked up! Their dams are in my keeper flock of 7 ewes.

Moorit yuglet flecket ewe. I don't know if I've seen a more flashy moorit shetland! Her mom's half sister runs a close second. She is from one of my best spot producing lines- healthy spotted moorit twins with great conformation. Gorgeous, VERY sweet ewe. $575 reduced: $450

Emsket yuglet sokket flecket and a white tail tip. Nice conformation. Her mom's bloodline has the most incredible long silky fleeces. This girl seems a little silky, but appears to take after her dad's shorter fleece and will likely have an intermediate fleece length. She has a dark blueish fleece, which might fade as an adult, but her mom did keep light blue color, so she might too. She carries moorit from her sire. I think this lamb has one of the cutest faces. $450... reduced: $325 SOLD

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Garrett808 said...

HI there! Do you have micron tests on the parents of the spotted ewe lambs? has your flock been tested for OPP, Johne's or CL? What are the pedigrees of the ewe lambs? thanks in advance!