Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sales List Update- Adult Shetlands


Locksfield Kaleigh
Black Bleset Ewe- Born 9/13/2008
Sire: Locksfield Joaquin
Dam: Locksfield Kaya Pepper

This is a shy girl with a very black fleece. Good conformation and a nice frame.. She grew quickly and can be bred this fall. Pretty ewe. $250.. reduced: $200

Minwawe Hopper S20441
Moorit Smirslet Ewe -Born 3/25/2005
Sire: Minwawe Captain
Dam: Minwawe Flopsy

Hopper had a set of darling moorit and white boys in 2007 and a fall lamb last September. Her lambs, always spotted, have all been very well put together- great conformation. Hopper has very good conformation herself and she is a friendly ewe. She is $325... reduced: $250

Locksfield Kaya Pepper S16367
Black Smirslet/Sponget Ewe -Born 4/5/2003
Sire: Fletcher Sundance
Dam: Fletcher Cassidy

Kaya comes from a couple of older bloodlines and is very close to Dayspring and Dailley lines (her grandparents). She also has some of the most unique markings I have ever seen. I hate to part with her, but I'm trying to keep my flock size down. $250... reduced: $200. SOLD


Locksfield Joaquin- born 4/15/2007
NASSA registration # S27915
Sire: Sheltrg Pines Jerome
Dam: Minwawe Hopper

Handsome moorit yuglet sokket ram. Proven- has beautiful spotted lambs on the ground. Has great conformation and more single coated fleece. $250.. reduced: $200

Fletcher Dante- born 4/9/2003
NASSA registration # S18201
Sire: Fletcher Choctaw
Dam: Fletcher Jazzy
Light Shaela (or emsket) blettet ram.. GORGEOUS color (see photo of inner fleece below). This guy is proven to throw modified colors and spots on his lambs. He is very double coated and has awesome horns. $375... reduced: $300

Locksfield Montague..
Sire: Minwawe Tornado
Dam: Locksfield Amber Myst.

Heavy horns.. Quite a looker. Good conformation, plus a beautiful, soft, double coated fleece. I registered him as moorit, but he may be mioget. Out of only 7 ewes, I'm keeping his twin sister and two half sisters. I really like these bloodlines! He is easy to halter and is a small sized ram, however, he does have a behavior issue- email for details. $150... reduced $100


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