Tuesday, July 17, 2007

my dilema

Hawthorne is the lamb pictured above at three weeks old. His complaint was that his headgear was just a tad too big. He is one of the nicest little rams ever to grace the Locksley Fields pastures; he has a fantastic disposition and conformation. I had hopes for him becoming a flock sire here, but unfortunately his horn tips appear to be on a collision course toward his head. So what does one do with such a creature? :-) Obviously he won't be used for breeding because horns like this aren't desirable and the horn will be trimmed so that it doesn't actually reach his skull.... Part of me wants to keep him because he's such a pet, but the other part says I need to find him a home due to the upcoming move. I suppose if anyone wanted to give this guy a really good home... Well, email me... locksleyfields@gmail.com
At this point, all of this year's sale ewe lambs have gone to new homes, as well as all but one adult ewe. Likewise, all the sale boys have made it to their new residences, save one. I think I sent 22 sheep to new homes in about three weeks! I'm amazed- thank you to all of my buyers who have given so many of my "babies" good homes and for being very timely with arrangements.. Now I have the task of clearing out the wool in storage! I have sold most of this year's shetland wool.. I do have a few fleeces (extra vm!) free with purchase of a llama fleece. See llama fiber listings here:

It seems that I've been so busy trying to tie up loose ends, I haven't shown much of the lambs I retained from this spring's lambing. I took a few photos recently.. Well, here are my 5 wonder-lambs:

Hawthorne is on the right. Lumina, on the far left, has been posted here in her sire Rosario's listing.. The others have been off the radar for awhile. Next to Hawthorne is his twin brother, Joaquin (wa-keen), who does have horns that will clear. The girls in the back are Myst's daughters. I had this photo of them as lambs, but never got posted:

On Tuesday, these two posed similarly for a reenactment of their lamb photo. They've grown this much in 10 weeks?!

Lastly, this cool little guy is Joaquin... He's very UK looking with his British-style fleece and horns!

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Very flashy lambs! Too bad about Hawthorn's horns, although I'm sure someone would be delighted to have such a pretty boy as a wethered fiber pet. I had a ram lamb last year with horns that looked about like that, and they made the critical turn and had cleared well by the time he was a full yearling! I've also seen photos of horns like Joaquin's that DIDN'T make the critical turn.... It's so difficult to tell how they will turn out at this age.