Thursday, July 19, 2007

Need a Llama? or two?

With only two breedable female llamas, it seems that we don't actually need 6 males! We have the two handsome boys for sale.. They are from excellent bloodlines, ILR registered and heavy wooled. Both are halter trained. Nice fine wool on both boys- our llamas do not have heavy guard hair like the old "classic" style llama. I have had several comments that our llama fiber is as fine as alpaca.
Dakoda, the guy on the left, had a complete shearing this year- including his neck! Not all llamas look this good without some extra wool! He has the coolest coloring- greys, reds, and white in both paint and appy patterns, as well as the agouti markings that come with the deep red color.. His price is $600. The black male on the right is Midknight. He has great conformation and comes from well known grandsires. He is priced to sell at $450.
These two guys are not related, so they have the potential to both be used in the same herd (with great color variety). They have been pastured together since they were young, so they get along great. Price for the boys as a pair: $850.


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