Sunday, July 1, 2007

UPDATE: SALE SHEEP: Locksfield Finnegan

Prices lowered on my sale boys due to impending move. Finnegan and Rosario are now $190 each. These are quality boys and I had already thought my price was low! Cheap transportation may be available for either/both along the route from southwest MO up to northern IN in early August.

Finnegan is just awesome.. I can only think that one reason he hasn't been snatched up by now is that he's plain black and the trend has been for flashier colors/markings. However, his conformation and horn genetics shouldn't be overlooked. His sire and grandsire were foundation rams for my flock and produced extraordinary offspring. Finn has a solid foundation of excellent genetics. Around people he is polite , a quality that I've always appreciated in the rams from this line.

This guy's good looks are no accident.. Below are some of Finn's relatives.. First his sire Stonewall, who had the largest horns, both in diameter and curl, that I've seen. Stoney also kept good grey body color. The other two boys are Dante, who is a cousin and Archer, who is Finn's half uncle. Lastly, Finn's grandsire (as well as Archer's sire), Fletcher Sundance, my wonderful foundation ram.


Tammy said...

He is so pretty. I love his horns. Looking at Stoney's photo again, he DOES look so very much like Rain. The darker blue color as well as the lighter check patches and black areas on the neck. Expression is similar too, not quite 'exact' but you can tell who her daddy is! I was amazed this year at how dark Rain's fleece is coming in. Its beautiful.

Morwenna said...

Thanks for writing this.