Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Busy night lambing and.....Wow!!

Alright, I'll show you what the "wow" is all about first, and then tell the story:-) These are Myst's new spotted moorit girls!
Monday was a busy day for lambing. As I put Dawsen and her lambs into a pen, I noticed that Myst was the only ewe in the barn and by evening, it was clear that Myst was planning on giving birth. Knowing how long it sometimes takes these girls to go through the first stage of the birth process (despite what the books say, shetlands start giving us hints that they're uncomfortable in this stage!), so I went into the house and got some work done. Half past midnight I went out to the barn, turned the lights on, glanced at moms and babies, and zoomed in on Myst. I didn't even notice the obvious at first and really think I did a double take because I wasn't expecting a different ewe to be giving birth! Cachey already had water bags hanging out and was attempting to dig an enormous hole in the bedding. I really should be used to this by now, but I get anxious when I see them straining and no progress. After a trip inside to check the lambing book and some more waiting, Cachey had both lambs: one ram with giant hornbuds and one ewe, both muskets! I like the musket color and usually I don't get many of them- although this year they seem to be popping up. In the meantime, Myst had left the barn. By the time I finished with Cachey and her lambs it was 2 AM. I made the decision to sleep for an hour and check on Myst at 3, to give her more time and space in case my presence was causing a delay. When I came back to the barn at 3 AM, I saw that patience had paid off... Myst had already given birth to these two amazing girls! A moorit yuglet flecket- one of the flashiest lambs I've had- and a cute moorit yuglet sokket. Got to sleep at 4 AM... This is one tired shepherdess.


Allena said...

I suppose it's crazy to even ask, but are you going to share? LOL

Anonymous said...

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