Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Here comes another one!

Although officially due on Thursday, Edelweiss wouldn't come to the feed troughs when the grain was distributed Tuesday morning, so I knew something was up. She was going through the routine: pawing at the floor/bedding, sitting down, stretching out, getting back up only to start digging and repeat it all over again. At about 1 PM I went back out to check on her and she was in labor and pushing hard. She was pretty quiet though- unlike Hopper! Shetlands seem to prefer giving birth laying down and Edelweiss went so far over that she had trouble getting flipped back over when the lamb was out! I don't think she even realized it, because she walked about 6 feet with her back toward the new lamb. I ran in there, just to make sure the lamb's nose was clear, and when Edelweiss still stood at a distance (unusual for my sheep- moms always get right in there immediately) I decided to quickly make an exit and let her figure it out. For about 90 seconds, I held my breath while Edelweiss stared at the lamb. She then walked slowly to her, sniffed her head, tenatively licked her face, then decided "this lamb tastes good!" and assumed her full role as mommy :-) The newest GIRL is yet another moorit.

These are a couple of the "ladies in waiting" who have yet to lamb! Cachey, the grey ewe on the right is due next Wednesday, but Dawsen's due date is unknown.

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