Monday, April 23, 2007

More lamb photos

It's a duet performed by the spotty moorit boys... Aren't they cool? These are Hopper's rams and it's not too hard to see that apart from color and markings they don't look much alike! Hawthorne, the guy on the left is more typical looking for my flock.. I think his brother with the tight crimpy fleece looks more like a U.K. lamb!

This is Braeton with her twin moorit girls by Jerome. The one on the right has a nice white lion's mane :-) Need some nice moorit girls carrying spots?

I had planned to also get photos of Taryn's cute little girls, but Hopper's boys kept posing for me and I ran out of pictures.

Below is one of Kaya's girls.. She has such a sweet face and loves attention. She's available too!

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