Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More lambs!

I was happy to find my oldest ewe, Fletcher Limmerick with this speckled musket girl, up and nursing, when I arrived in the barn this morning. I don't currently have any musket sheep and Limmerick seemed to know just what I wanted from probably her final lambing. Although she's 11 years old, Limmerick stayed in great condition with the same care as the rest of the ewes all year. I'm sure that she could lamb another couple years, but at this point, the demands on my time are a little much to try for extra sheep care options. I think this little girl is just perfect and will likely be one of my keeper lambs this year. I know they're not that popular, but I like my greys/faders and I think the "speckled" colorations are always pretty. I happen to have a couple of grey ewes who produce lovely silky long fleeced lambs. This lamb seems to be no exception- her coat is already over 3/4 inch long, very curly and it shines! She's the first lamb from LocksField Rosario, my handsome moorit blettet ram.

When I got home, I found that LocksField Braeton had lambed. I thought, "oh another nice moorit girl" and went to the house to change into barn clothes.. When I came back out, I did a double take because there were now two lambs. Braeton looked thin enough after the first, that I thought she was done. Good thing my girls don't really need my assistance :-). The second is also a moorit ewe, with a bit more white on her head than her sister. These are some of the first SheltrgPines Jerome lambs. I can already see the difference in wool types. These two girls have shorter, tighter fleeces than most of the other lambs. First two photos are Limmerick's ewe and last is Braeton licking her girls clean.

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